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All-Star Camp Utah

WCEB All-Star Camp Utah - logo by Rodezno Studios

WCEB All-Star Camp Utah - logo by Rodezno Studios

October 19th Youth Divisions & October 20th 2018 High School Divisions

(YD 2nd - 8th) & (HS 9th - 12th)

Jason Simon

Associate Director

Jordan High School

95 Beetdigger Blvd, Sandy, UT 84070

STEP 1 of 2 - Registration

Registration is NOT complete without payment

Please note, all information MUST be completed on the player registration in order to compete and to be considered for scouting reports.


Refund policy

All purchases sold by West Coast Elite Basketball are non-refundable and sold as is, without any guarantee (e.g. change of dates, location, inability to attend due to injury, etc.).  Application of consumer credit for amounts paid and unused is an option at the discretion of the buyer.  By making a purchase with West Coast Elite Basketball, you are confirming that you have read and understand this policy.

Step 2 of 2: PAYMENT

Early Registration $150 (expires 10/18/2017)


Standard Registration $200


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Camp Preview


Youth Division 


Top 20 All-Star Game

Collin Chandler, Micah Madry, Tyler Newbold, Tray Swanigan, Cruz Ochoa, Brennan Smith, Jake Fitton, Jaelin Hoth, Darnell Fizer Jr., Jordan Ross, Kolton Smith, Tage Means, Evan Young, Brandon Clark, Quincy Hills, Ozden Smith, Kai Tulsa, Jordan Morency, Gage Jenson, and Will Rich.



Top 40 All-Star Game 

Taliafi Taala, Weston Olsen, Jayden Haskell, Nakalayah Fabello, Anthony Olsen, Tyler Burraston, Peter Broadbent, Cade DeBoard, Kaden Jenson, Kamdon Parker, Jamison Parker, Robbie Yates, Miles Preston, Jordan Young, Nathan Cragun, Jordan Pelt, Cy Meacham, Malachi Pedroza, Easton Duft, Daxton Warren, Chase Finlayson, Guillermo Martinez, Aaydan Saucedo, Jackson Pierce, Zakarius Feltus and Donovan Averitte. 


High School Division


Top 20 All-Star Game 

Issac Johnson, Rylan Jones, Cameron Krystkowiak, Emmanuel Andrew, Daxton Carr, Mikey Frazier, Jeremy Dowdell, Trevon Allfrey, Andre Mulibea, Hayden Welling, Levi Dunne, Martell Williams, Dyson Frank, Trey Stewart, David Andrew, Jael Vaughn, Anthony McDade, Felix Reeves Jr., Gabe Toombs, Taylor Zwick, and Dallin Hall. 



Top 40 All-Star Game

Trevon Martin, Duncan Reid, Ryan Ball, Anthony Jaramillo, Kamari Burnside, Jaret Duft, Josh Christensen, Alec Duffin, Mckay Meacham, Ben Krystkowiak, Dallin Grant, Jake Furgerson, Jamari Egbert, Alrek Greenhalgh, Kase Peterson, Cole Lake, Austin Hayhurst, Kawika Akina, Jordan Toscano, and Coleman Ford. 


Top 60 All-Star Game

Shida Ado, Creighton Hansen, Spencer Livsey, Trace Ross, David Faitha, Brox Ashby, Justin Bolding, Ramkel Wal, Trajen Lorg, Trevon Snoddy, LeGrand Burgess, Tanner Hayhurst, Ryan Reid, Mitchell Brizee, Joseph Dumsa, Kylan Shorts, Hunter Humphreys, Joshua Fowlkes, Nathan Maiava, and Christian Rich. 



Top 80 All-Star Game 

Josh Finlayson, Winston Duggan, Gage Jenson, Race Young, Josh Wade, Quaid Knell, Marcelino Bateman, Mason Chase, Tacoda Dubbs, Troy Patterson Jr., Jacob Randall,Samuel Phipps, Caden Bird, Christian Ficken, Ethan Dong, Hunter Deuel, Faust Ystueta, Justis Reiser, and Jackson Allfrey. 



Youth Division


Top 20 All-Star Game 

Jake Wahlin, Collin Chandler, Coleman Ford, Payton Sanderson, Erik Humphries, Pierre Haywood, Justis Reiser, Trace Ross, Jordan Toscano, Josh Hansen, Issac Vaha, Jordan Ross, Beau Rabe, Ben Krystkowiak, Cutter LaPine, Jaxon Kohler, Race Young, Hunter Deuel, Semisi Sika, Kobe Schriver, Tyson Hawkins, Tray Swanigan


Top 40 All-Star Game

Tyler Burraston, Tage Means, Michael Gillespie, Dylan Darling, Tyson Shelley, Trey Means, Parker Christensen, Donovan Ngassa, Jake Podmilsak, Brandon Clark, Brennan Smith, Micah Madry, Dylan Darling


Top 60 All-Star Game

Colby Dean, Peter Broadbent, Nathan Cragun, Aleksaunder (Sasha) Clark, Easton Hawkins, Nick Jensen, Chase Hansen, Kihei Akina, Aaydan Omar Saucedo, Justin Courneya, Ian TJ Ngo, Joe Courneya, Trae Jolley, Easton Duft, Braxton Hawkins, Stockton Blanchard, Beckham Prince, Stockton Prince, Corbyn Hansen, Jamison Parker, Kamdon Parker


High School Division 

Top 20 All-Star Game

Nico Mannion, Hunter Erickson, Christian PoPoola, Jr., Isaac Johnson,  Trevin Knell, Marcus Draney, Mikey Frazier, Elias Ballstaedt, Max Rice, Stockton Shorts, Branden Carlson, Delveion Jackson, Jared Bagley, Jaxon Pollard, Nate Hansen, Rylan Jones, Daxton Carr, Dason Youngblood, Cameron Krystkowiak, Puka Nacua


Top 40 All-Star Game

David Andrew, Keanu Akina, Josh Christensen, Andre Mulibea, Jalexus Gilson, Jake Benci, Trevon Allfrey, Skyler Turner, Casey Brown, Zach Taylor, Tyler Walker, Brendon Redford, Armanni Levine, Mitchell Brizee, Trey Johnson, Brig Willard, Julian Rishwain, Levi Dunne, Cooper Standing, Luc Krystkowiak


Top 60 All-Star Game

Jake Furgerson, Deshun Harwell, Andrew Beatse, Collin Jeppson, Darrell (DJ) Lopez, Josh Finlayson, Jamison Allen (Jamo), Jaxon Bennett, Jonathan Parker, Maxwell Lewis, Trevon Snoddy, Chance Taylor, Jaret Duft, Kawika Akina, Liki Makaui, Josh Jensen, Winston Duggan, Ryan Ball, Parker Nelson, Jael Vaughn, Hunter Humphreys, Jordan Cardenas


Top 80 All-Star Game

Myles Youngblood, Will Kimball, Parker Edgington, Dalton Miller, Jesse Sine, Dax Gorringe, Baylor Harrop, Samuel Evans, Kylan Shorts,  Lawson Roe, Keeon Falsafi, Taylor Zwick, Jace Whiting, Kobi Gardea, Quinlan Maumau, Jacob Randall, Justin Bolding, Hunter Petersen, Jace Bennett, Jaron Rillie, Mckay Meacham, Adrian Wilde, Zachary McWhorter, Michael Le Fear

University of Utah Commit Rylan Jones & 2020 Top 15 Prospect Nico Mannion

West Coast Elite Social Media



Stone Gettings, Cornell

"The WCE camps gave me the opportunity to showcase my game in front of hundreds of college coaches and played a pivotal role in my decision to play Division I basketball at Cornell University".


Tommy McCarthy, Harvard

"The WCE camps and events that I attended throughout my high school career 100% helped me get to where I am today.  The camps allow you to play against top talent and to take your game to a higher level.  They also foster an amazing learning environment for players on and off the court.  You will be taught skills you need on the court as well as in life (something that is often overshadowed at other camps).  I would recommend WCE events to anybody who wants to get exposure and play at the college level and anybody who is anxious to get better".


Connor Wilson, Beaver Dam, KY

"I've been to some of the top camps in the country and West Coast Elite offered the best exposure and competition I've ever played against. Definitely was one of the best experiences of my life".


Cameron Satterwhite, Loyola (Chicago)

"I really liked the camp. The teams were set up well. The exposure was high and there was good competition. Courtside films was a great addition to showcase and film talent. One of the best I had ever been to".


Darrell Morris, father of Jeffery McClendon, Loyola Marymount University

"West Coast Elite Basketball / Ryan Silver are connected to every media outlet in the country.  Scout, Rivals, ESPN, and many other top media cover WCE events.  This was very important to my son Jeffery getting a scholarship at LMU".


Frank Jackson, Duke

"I have been going to Ryan's camps for the last few years and love the exposure given, the level of competition, and the details that go into his events. I know his camps helped me improve my game as well as opening many opportunities".


WCE College Coaches and Media

Here is a partial list of the 500+ schools that have attended our events: Sean Miller Arizona, Steve Alford UCLA, Wayne Tinkle Oregon State, Tad Boyle Colorado, Mike Hopkins Washington, Larry Krystowiak Utah, Jerod Haase Stanford, Dana Altman Oregon, Wyking Jones Cal, Ernie Kent Washington State, Andy Enfield USC, Mark Few Gonzaga, Dave Rose BYU, Herb Sendek Santa Clara, Mike Dunlap LMU, Marty Wilson Pepperdine, Damon Stouddaimaire Pacific, Randy Bennett St. Mary's, Eran Ganot Hawaii, Dan Monson Long Beach State, Larry Shyatt Wyoming, Mike Martin Brown, Kyle Smith San Francisco, Mitch Henderson Princeton, Bob Williams UCSB, Leon Rice Boise State, Marvin Menzies UNLV, Joe Callero Cal Poly, Lamont Smith San Diego, Randy Bennett St. Mary's, Eric Musselman Nevada, Mark Pope Utah Valley, Dennis Cutts UC Riverside, Mike Brennan American, Reggie Theus CSUN, Tyler Geving Portland St, Steve Fisher San Diego State, Bruce Pearl Auburn, Coach Katz Pomona-Pitzer, Rick Croy Cal Baptist, Eric Olen UC San Diego, Brian Newhall Occidental, Scott Pera Rice, Steve Becker CS Dominguez Hills, Stan Johnson Arizona State, Jason Hart USC. Brian DeStefano Harvard, Todd Golden San Francisco, Tim O'Toole Cal, Kurtis Townsend Kansas, Justin Hutson SDSU, Stan Jones Florida St., Preston Laird UNLV, Dave Wojcik San Jose State, St. Johns, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Georgia Tech, and many more... 


Top media from throughout the country that have covered our events include: Frank Burlison Burlison on Basketball, Evan Daniels Scout, Josh Gershon Scout, Eric Bossi Rivals, Joel Francisco ESPN, Jerry Meyer 247 Sports, Van Coleman, Gerry Freitas Hoop Review, Gregg Rosenberg Yahoo Sports, Christian Popoola PremierBall, Ronnie Flores, Jack Pollon Daily News, Clark Francis, Dinos Trigonis Full Court Press, Devin Ugland Hoops by Ugland, Dave Keefer, Dave Rogahan, Dain Ervin Basketball Illustrated, Ronnie Flores, Chris Buchanan Arizona Preps, Edward Lewis, Aaron Burgin Full Time Hoops, Scott Sommer, Anthony Ray, ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated and many more...


Top Players who ave attended West Coast Elite/Ryan Silver All Star Camps include:  Josh Jackson (Kansas), Frank Jackson (Duke), Jayce Johnson (Utah), Roman Davis (Cal), Mitch Lightfoot (Kansas), Tra Holder (ASU), Tres Tinkle (Oregon St.), Alex Illikainen (Wisconsin), Lonzo Ball (UCLA), Katin Reinhardt (USC), Chimezie Metu (USC), Chance Comanche (Arizona), New Williams (Auburn), Deron Davis (Indiana), Joe Furstinger (New Mexico), Tre Demps (Northwestern), Glijorge Rakocevic (Oregon State), Tommy Mccarthy (Harvard), Balsa Dragovic (Harvard), Christian Juzang (Harvard), Travis Fuller (Brown), Stone Gettings (Cornell), Kyle Leufroy (Lehigh), Eric Monroe (Yale), Alex Copeland (Yale), and many more...

West Coast Elite Basketball Camps/tournaments and showcases are recognized nationwide as some of the top camps and events in the country giving players maximum opportunity and exposure. West Coast Elite All Star Camps attract the best players in the country and coaches from throughout the country.