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WCE All Star Camp: Hawaii

By Gerry Freitas , 06/24/16, 5:00AM PDT


Report on 2016 West Coast Elite Hawaii All Star Event


The second annual West Coast Elite Hawaii All Star Event was held Sunday 12 at St. Louis HS in Honolulu under the direction of Ryan Silver at West Coast Elite and Alan Akina of Kahuku HS. Here is a report on the event.


Top Prospects: (*indicates highest consideration)


5’8” PG Kawika Akina of Kahuku HS 2019

Akina is a confident one-man who brings a lot to the table offensively. He is a solid ball handler and passer who pushes the break and makes things happen. He is an effective penetrator in the half court, has a nice hesitation move and shoots it ok with 3 range. He has a high IQ and knows how to run a team.


6’0” PG Keanu Akina of Kahuku HS 2017

Akina is a skilled one-man with a nice motor. He pushes the fast break consistently, making plays for himself and others. His best asset is his ability to pull up in transition. He is a pin-point player who sees the floor well and he is a good shooter with 3-point range.


6’1” SG Cole Arceneaux of Punahou HS 2018

Arceneaux is a two-guard who runs the floor well. He can score in multiple ways: finishes in transition, pulls up well in the half court, shoots it ok with 3-point range and is a capable driver.


5’11” CG Caleb Casinas of Moanalua HS 2018

Casinas is a combo guard with solid skills. He is a confident ball handler who sees the floor in transition. He can pull up in the half court, shoots it ok with 3-point range and has a nice floater drive.


*6’2” G/W Jonathan Griffin of Elkin HS (TX) 2016

Griffin is an athletic wing who is constantly in attack mode. He is a competent ball handler who finishes effectively in transition. His ability to drive is his best asset. He is a decent shooter with 3-point range whose shot could use a little polish.


6’0” SG Lachian Hanneman of St. Louis HS 2019

Hanneman is a two-guard with nice all-around skills. He’s a capable ball handler and a good passer with a solid pull up game in the half court and he shoots it fairly well with 3-point range.


6’7” PF/C North Falcon Kaumatule of Punahou HS 2019

Kaumatule is a strong-bodied combo post man who is a presence inside. He shows a solid postup game with a drop step move and a turnaround shot. He does a nice job of using his body for positioning. He also has a decent one-bounce drive from mid range.


*6’3” G/W Michael Woods of Burbank HS (CA) 2017

Woods is an athletic guard/wing who is a high volume scorer. He shows the ability to rebound and go court to court in transition. In a half-court setting he consistently breaks down the defender and gets in the lane and makes plays. He also has a nice pull-up game in the half court.

Other Prospects To Consider: (*indicates highest consideration)


6’3” W Kalai Charles Akaka of Mary Knoll HS 2019

-ok athlete, ok ball handler, can finish in transition, has a floater, nice shooting touch.


6’0” SG Zayne Chong of Punahou HS 2018

-average athlete, passes it well, ok driver, ok shooter with 3 range, works hard on defense.


*6’1” CG Makoto Kamata of Maryknoll HS 2019

-very solid playmaker in transition (can finish), handles it well, ok shooter with 3-point range works hard on defense.


6’4” CF LiloaKapiko of Roosevelt HS 2019

-fair athlete, long arms, can dribble operate on the block, decent driver.


*6’4” SF Cole Mausolf of Punahou HS 2018

-long arms, nice ball skills, moves ok without the ball, has a pull up floater, capable driver.


6’0” G Justin Nunuha of St. Louis HS 2018

-fair athlete, can handle it, good passer, ok playmaker in transition, solid driver.


5’7” PG Loi Rivera Jr. of St. Louis HS 2018

-solid ball handler, good passer, ok playmaker in transition, has a hesitation move, a hustler.


6’0” SG Christmas Togiai of Kamehameha HS 2020

-decent athlete, can handle and pass it, pulls up ok on the break, decent shooter with 3-point range, ok rebounder.


6’5” CF Kobe Young of Kamehameha HS 2018

-fair athlete, ok ball handler, passes it well, pulls up half court, can dribble operate on the block, solid rebounder.



Names To Note:

5’8” PG Gene Richie Ansagay of Honokaa HS 2018

5’10” PG Christian James Bonilla of Moanalua HS 2019

5’11” SG Nicholas Caseri of Punahou HS 2019

6’5” SF Liam Fitzgerald of Leilehua HS 2018

6’4” SF HayatoKamata of Maryknoll HS 2017

6’0” CG Junior Wily of St. Louis HS 2019