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Elite 100 Recap by Joel Francisco ESPN

By Joel Francisco , 07/12/16, 8:15AM PDT


The Elite 100

Pomona Pitzer College


                                                Francisco's superlatives




Spencer Freedman (Santa Ana, CA/Mater Dei)

2018, PG, 6-foot, 165 pounds

Joel's take: Freedman was arguably the best player in camp. The game comes easy for him and he never gets sped up. His pin-point passing is a sight to see and he can drain jump shots out to 22-feet.


Ira Lee (Napa, CA/Prolific Prep)

2017, PF, 6-foot-7, 225 pounds

Joel's take: Lee is a menace to all opponents due to his relentless motor, bouncy nature, and winning mentality. He attacks the rim with a vengeance and can convert shots with either hand. He is at his best from the elbow to the rim. However, there are times he gets in trouble with his ball handling and his jump shot needs to get smoother.


Most Upside


Miles Norris (San Diego, CA/Mater Dei)

2018, 6-foot-9, 200 pounds

Joel's take: Morris far from a finished product at both ends of the floor but he runs very well, has that prototypical lengthy frame, and is explosive in transition as well as in the paint area. However, on the block, he plays too straight up and his offensive repertoire is limited. He needs to improve his strength, face-up skills, and shooting touch to reach his immense potential.


Best Shooters


Patrick J Kelly (Phoenix, AZ./Virginia Episcopal)

2019, PF, 6-foot-8, 220 pounds

Joel's take: Kelly has a solid frame with good length and basketball IQ is quite high for his age. In addition, he has a feathery touch out to the stripe and his release is smooth.


Braxton Bertolette (Loveland, CO./Fossil Ridge)

2017, 6-foot-3, 165 pounds

Joel's take: He was a bit inconsistent with his shot, but his mechanics are flawless. He was the victim of "Camp Ball" where he didn't get the ball all that often. However, in the All Star game he played on the ball and his game flourished as well as his smooth jump shot.


Keanu Akina (Kahuka, HI/Kahuka)

2017, 6-foot, 145 pounds

Joel's take: Not sure what level of college ball he can play at, but there wasn't a more pure shooter at camp than this "Island sharp shooter."




Most Improved


Marvin Bragg Jr. (Cerritos, CA/Gahr)

2017, PF/WF, 6-foot-6, 190 pounds

Joel's take: Consistency has always been the issue with Bragg Jr. But at this event he exhibited a smoother shooting touch, efficient decision making, and more assertiveness at both ends.


Adrease Jackson (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA/Rancho Santa Margarita)

2017, PF, 6-foot-8, 225 pounds

Joel's take: There might not be a more improved "big" in Southern California than Jackson. His motor has always run hot, but now his touch has improved as well as his range on his shot.


Gary Williams (Cerritos, CA/ Gahr)

2018, SG, 6-foot-3, 160 pounds

Joel's take: A year from now Williams could be one of the more sought-after wing-types in the state. Willowy frame with great length, budding athleticism, and improved ball skills and savvy describe this up-and-coming prospect.


Jamal Hartwell II (Los Angeles/Fairfax)

2018, PG, 5-foot-10, 145 pounds

Joel's take: Length can bother Hartwell at times, but his pull-up jump shot and handle are buttery smooth.



Best Motor


Juhwan Harris-Dyson (Los Angeles/Heritage Christian)

2017, WF, 6-foot-5, 215 pounds

Joel's Take: Not sure what position he'll play at Cal, but he's a physical beast at both ends. In the open court he's a terror, but he needs to show he can knock down a jump shot to keep his driving game open.


Trey Johnson (Idaho Falls,ID/Hillcrest)

2018, PF/WF, 6-foot-5, 195 pounds

Joel's Take: This kid's energy is limitless. He flies from rim to rim making plays at both ends due to his effort and deceptive athleticism. He needs to tighten his ball handling and improve the consistency of his jump shot, but he's a winner.


Biggest Revelations


Jaxson Baker (Phoenix, Ariz./Brophy College Prep)

2018, WF, 6-foot-6, 195 pounds

Joel's take: Baker has that quintessential frame with long arms and an impressive upside. He may have had the quickest release of any jump shooters in the event. At his size and athletic package, he is a certain Division 1 recruit.



Markeese Hastings (Wyoming, MI/Godwin Heights)

2018, WF, 6-foot-5, 200 pounds

Joel's take: Hastings exploded onto the scene at this camp. He has a chiseled frame with good length and hammered home a number of dunks in traffic. He can knock in the 3-pointer, but his perimeter game (triple threat game) and jump shot needs to evolve.


Ryan Turell (Van Nuys, CA/Valley Torah)

2018, SG, 6-foot-5, 160 pounds

Joel's take: This wiry wing-type can stroke the jump shot with the best of them. He is just scratching the surface and with improved strength and ball skills he projects to being one of the better sleepers in his class.



Best Passers


Kamaka Hepa (Portland, Ore./Jefferson)

2018, PF, 6-foot-9, 220 pounds

Joel's take: Arguably the best passing big man in the country regardless of class. His pin-point passing is a thing of beauty. However, he spends too much time roaming around the perimeter (taking jump shots) and not enough time polishing his post skills in my opinion. Once he gets stronger and imposes his will inside-and-out, he'll be an elite national talent.


Josh Green (Peoria, Ariz./Mountain Ridge)

2019, SG, 6-foot-4, 175 pounds

Joel's take: Thoroughly impressed with this youngster's approach to the game. Impeccable passing and flawless decision making are part of the package. Toss in an ideal D1 frame and a solid scoring touch and what you have is Mr. Green.


Best Glue-Type


Brandon Dante Davis (Mission Hills, CA/Alemany)

2017, SG, 6-foot-3, 190 pounds

Joel's take: Davis has appeared to turn the corner. He will not "wow" you with explosive moves and deep jump shots, but he'll win you games with his moxie and savvy at both ends of the floor.


Biggest Sleeper


Aidan Green (Stockton, CA/Tokay)

2017, SG, 6-foot-3, 175 pounds

Joel's take: Haven't seen any prospect get the lift on his jump shot like Mr. Green. This super sleeper has trampoline-like bounce and he can score at all three levels.


Best Defender


Tony Goodwin II (North Bethesda, MD/Walter Johnson)

2018, WF, 6-foot-5, 170 pounds

Joel's take: Goodwin is a bloodhound on the defensive end. He utlizes his long arms, active hands, and superior lateral quickness to smother opponents. Now if only his jump shot comes around.


Best Fundamentals


Riley Battin (Oakpark, CA/Oakpark)

2018, PF, 6-foot-8, 240 pounds

Joel's take: The most fundamentally sound post prospect in California regardless of class. His pivot work and feel in the paint is impeccable--not too mention his shooting touch. However, his lack of lift is a concern when trying to score over length.


Birmingham's Dynamic Duo


Devante Doutrive (Lake Balboa, CA/Birmingham)

2017, SG, 6-foot-5, 180 pounds

Joel's take: Not sure why the High-Majors are not sniffing around Doutrive's games. He has the frame and explosiveness to be a potent D1 scorer. His 1st step is quick and powerful and he'll either finish over the rim or drop off a nifty assist. Jump shot needs some polish.


Deschon Winston (Lake Balboa, CA/Birmingham)

2017, PG, 6-foot, 155 pounds

Joel's take: One of the more underrated point guard prospects in California. He has the size, speed, and quickness to be a D1 point guard. In addition, his pull-up game is tight and his facilitating gone to another level.



Best of the 2020's


Nico Mannion (Scottsdale, AZ./Pinnacle)

2020, PG, 6-foot, 155 pounds

Joel's take: Mannion has savvy (innate passer) and skill beyond his years. He can blitz up the court, stop on a dime, and nail the deep jump shot. Another on the list where his dad was a baller as well. Remember Pace Mannion playing alongside Tom Chambers at Utah.


Hunter Clarke (Moraga, CA/Campolindo)

2020, WF, 6-foot-5, 170 pounds

Joel's take: Son of St. Mary's assistant coach Marty Clarke, young Hunter has quite the game himself. Nice looking frame with good length as well as impressive ball skills and shooting touch best describes this future D1 player.


Jabe Mullins (Northbend, WA/ Mt Si)

2020, WF, 6-foot-3, 165 pounds

Joel's take: "Multi-skilled" is the best way to describe this young prospect. He has a sinewy frame with long arms and his ball skills and passing were high-level as well, especially in transition.


MarJon Beauchamp (Yakima, WA/Davis)

2020, SG, 6-foot-4, 175 pounds

Joel's take: Has all the physical tools to be a Division 1 player. Broad shoulders, long arms, and budding athleticism describe this young thoroughbred. Not too mention he showed solid ball skills and scoring touch.