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WCE All Star Camp: Hawaii

By WCE , 06/16/17, 3:30PM PDT


Report on 2017 West Coast Elite Hawaii Showcase

The third annual West Coast Elite Hawaii Showcase was held Sunday, June 11th at St. Louis High School in Honolulu under the direction of Ryan Silver and Alan Akina.

Top Prospects:    (* indicates highest consideration)

5’11'' CG/ SG Jaymond Agdinaoay of Leilehua HS 2018

Active combo guard with a nice motor. Pushes the break and makes plays in transition (finishes well and has a nice floater). Shoots it fairly well and can get to the basket on the drive.


5’9'' PG Kawika Akina of Pleasant Grove HS (UT) 2019

Competitive one man with some skills. Good ball handler, pushes the break, makes plays in transition. Can run a team.


5’10'' CG Cole Arceneaux of Punahou HS 2018

Combo guard who runs the floor real well. solid ball handler and passer, does see the floor and is effective in transition (finishes well). Has a nice floater drive.


6’2'' G/W Jaylen Cain of Maryknoll HS 2018

Wing with a nice all-around skill set who has some lift. Solid ball handler and a good passer. Shows the ability to pull up in transition, shoots it well with 3-point range. Needs work defensively.


*6’5'' CF Liam Fitzgerald of Leilehua HS 2018

Versatile combo forward with long arms and some lift who runs fairly well. Can handle it, pulls up well half court and has a nice one-bounce drive. Shoots it ok with 3-range and is a fairly good rebounder.


6’4'' SF Alijah Ginn of Leilehua HS 2018

Fairly athletic wing who can run. Capable ball handler, passes it well, ok playmaker in transition. Shoots it fairly well mid range. Is thin and needs to develop some bulk/ strength.


*6’5 SF Max Guinn of Francis Parker HS 2019

Wing man who is a versatile all-around scorer. Capable ball handler who can finish in transition. Has a solid mid-range game and shoots it fairly well with 3-point range.


6’3'' SG Lachian Hannermann of St. Louis HS 2019

Two guard who is a confident ball handler and passer. Finishes in transition, pulls up in the half court. Rebounds well from the guard position.


*6’3'' SG Jake Holtz of St. Louis HS 2020

Two guard with long arms who plays with confidence. Can handle it, passes it well, pulls up in the half court. Moves ok without the ball and is a good shooter with 3-point range.


*6’2'' CG Ryder Hsiung of Punahou HS 2021

Combo guard with solid offensive skills. Handles fairly well, good passer, sees the floor in transition. Has a solid mid-range game, real good shooter with 3-point range. Shows some promise.


6’1'' SG Makoto Kamata of Maryknoll HS 2019

Two guard with a nice all-around game offensively. Handles the ball ok, passes it fairly well, sees the floor and makes plays in transition. Pulls up in the half court, moves well without the ball, can shoot it with 3-point range.


*6’4'' W Cole Mausolf of Punahou HS 2018

Wing man who is a fair athlete with some skills. Can handle and pass it and is a capable playmaker in transition. Shoots it fairly well with 3-range, has a nice floater and is a decent rebounder.


*5’9'' PG Kameron Ng of St. Francis HS 2019

Promising one-man who is productive in a lot of ways. Handles and passes it well and sees the floor in transition. Pulls up very well and has a nice step-back move. Good shooter with 3-point range.


6’2'' CG Lokana Pa’Alani Ma’a Enos of Punahou HS 2020

Combo guard who is a capable ball handler and a good passer. Shoots it fairly well and shows some ability to dribble operate on the block.


6’6'' F/C Jalen Smith of St. Louis 2018

Combo post-man with some inside/outside skills. Decent post up player, shoots it ok with range to 3, passes it fairly well, needs to develop some bulk/strength.




Other Prospects to Consider:   (*Indicates highest consideration)


*6’6'' F/C Jordan-Deshawn Hepting of Punahou HS 2020

Ok athlete, long arms, can dribble operate on the block, decent mid-range shooter.


5’11'' CG Isaac Keawo Silva of St. Louis HS 2020

Fair athlete, can run, handles it well, has a mid-range game, ok shooter with 3 range, decent driver.


*5’11'' PG Genisis Ofoia of Leilehua HS 2018

Fait athlete, can run, solid ball handler, does push the break, finishes ok in transition, has a floater, does attack.


6’2'' SF Nainoa Peters of Kailua HS 2020

Average athlete, ok ball handler, can pass, pulls up half court, shoots it ok.


6’5'' PF Elijah Robertson of Leilehua HS 2018

Ok/ fairly good athlete, decent ball handler, has a one-bounce drive, ok rebounder.


6’1'' CG Connor Skorge of Punahou HS 2019

Fair athlete, handles and passes fairly well, sees the floor, decent rebounder, hustler.




Names to Note:  (*Indicates highest consideration)


*6’0'' PG Zane Chong of Punahou HS 2018

5’10'' SG Michael Pascual of St. Louis HS 2019

5’7'' PG Loi Rivera of St. Louis HS 2018