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Dallas High Academic Camp Recap

By Lior Schwartzberg, Director of Scouting, 09/24/17, 1:15PM PDT


First Time is a (Southern) Charm

Southlake, TX – There is definitely no shortage of shooters in the state of Texas. The long ball was on full display this past weekend at Carroll High School in Southlake, Texas.  Players such as Austin Nunez (2022) and Finley Bizjack (2023) showed that age was not a factor is the ability to shoot with range. Both hit consecutive shot after shot through the games. Neither has yet to even start high school.


Daniel Garza (2019), also showed his ability from range, but was able to get to the hole and finish with grace multiple times. His high motor and hustle stood out in nearly every game. Andrew Eberhardt (2018), although displaying a great array of skill and ability, was able to connect time after time when dialing it up from distance. Quinton Uribe (2019) was also not shy ability firing away while also getting in the key and creating for others. Jonathan Zapinski (2019) used his length well on defense, then showed the ability to hit the long ball on the offensive end.


Another name to note would be Brandon Haddock (2019), who started off seeming to only be a shooter with his one dribble hesitation pull up, but quickly showed off that his game was just as bright as his shirt. His abilities reminded the crowd of a slightly younger Joey Calacaterra (UC Davis). He was able to create for himself and for his teammates.


It was not only about the long ball either. Plenty of players were able to work the paint with high efficiency, including Gregory “Luke” Gibson (2019), Ben Moffatt (2019), Liam Dillon (2019), Travis Massey (2020), Noah Mason (2019), and Adam Benhayoune (2021).


However, the standout of the camp was likely John Stubbs (2018). The 6’4 player was able to space the floor with his uncanny ability to shoot, yet he was able to power his way into the key, and show off some of his spectacular athleticism. Speaking of high level athleticism, Kyle Slater (2018) had the dunk of the weekend as he caught a bouncing ball down the lane and elevated well above the crowd for the And-1 dunk. Jordan Johnson (2019) was also above the rim half of the weekend trying to finish with authority on every drive.


The team that was most impressive included the suffocating defensive abilities of Shawn Feggett (2018), Matthew Carter (2019), Trey Nelson (2018), and lightning quick guard Terrance Minor (2018). It was not frequent that teams would cross half court with the four of them on the floor. Shawn Feggett (2018) was able to also get into the lane and use his length to power and finish in the key, while Matthew Carter (2019), Trey Nelson (2018), and Terrance Minor (2018) were able to get anywhere on the floor they wanted. The three of them covered ground both offensively and defensively with spectacular speed.


Other notable players that stood out include, but are not limited to:  Reid Hatzmann (2018), Jordan Jones (2018), John Weger (2019), Trey Singleton (2019), Harris Podell (2018), Skylar McCurry (2021), Daniel Jarrett (2018), Travis Munsey (2018), Isaiah Jones (2019), Jack O’Neil (2019), Andy Nguyen (2018), Kiron Griffin Jr (2018), Bryce Young (2018), Jacob Jiunta (2019), Myles McCrary (2019), Jacob Taylor (2018), Richmond Okon (2020), Brandon De La Pena (2020), and Luis E Rodriguez Jr (2019).


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The next event to be held by the West Coast Elite High Academic circuit will be in Los Angeles, CA, on October 14-15 alongside the High School King of Kings event. Next month, West Coast Elite Basketball will be hosting the Utah All-Star Camp, which has produced and exhibited some of the best talent the state of Utah and surrounding areas has to offer. Lior Schwartzberg covers West Coast Elite events alongside the top media outlets and scouts including Frank Burlison, Evan Daniels Scout, Josh Gershon Scout, Eric Bossi Rivals, Joel Francisco ESPN, Jerry Meyer 247 Sports, Van Coleman, Gerry Freitas, Gregg Rosenberg Yahoo Sports, Christian Popoola PremierBall, Ronnie Flores, Jack Pollon Daily News, Clark Francis, Dinos Trigonis Full Court Press, Devin Ugland, Dave Keefer, Dave Rogahan, Dain Ervin Basketball Illustrated, Ronnie Flores,  Edward Lewis, Aaron Burgin Full Time Hoops, Scott Sommer, ESPN, Fox Sports, Yahoo Sports, Sports Illustrated, Anthony Ray, Chris Buchanan and many more...