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Hawaii All-Star Camp Report

By West Coast Elite, 06/13/18, 5:30PM PDT


         Report On 2018 West Coast Elite All Star Camp Hawaii

The 4th annual West Coast Elite All Star Camp Hawaii was held Sunday June 10th at St. Louis High school in Honolulu. Here is a report on the event with prospects who caught our attention. Players are listed alphabetically by last name. (The team each prospect played on is listed in parenthesis)

Top Prospects: (*indicates highest consideration)

5’8 PG Bailey Bumanglag of Iolani HS 2022 (Iowa State)

Bumanglag is a one man with solid ball handing and passing skills who plays with confidence. He is an ok(set) shooter with 3-point range and has a nice-looking floater. He also shows some ability to get to the basket on the drive. Bumanglag is thin and needs some bulk/strength.


6’0 SG Frankie Felix of Iolani HS 2019 (Texas)

Felix is a two guard with a solid all-around game. He is a capable ball handler who can shoot it fairly well with 3 range. He sees the floor in transition and can make plays for himself and others. Significantly, Felix works hard at the defensive end.


5’11 CG Devan Fujinaka of Iolani HS 2021 (West Virginia)

Fujinaka is a competitive combo guard who plays in attack mode. He’s a confident ball handler who sees the floor well. He can score in transition on the pull up or by finishing with a floater. Fujinaka also shoots it well with range beyond the 3-point line.


6’3 Lachlan Hannemann of St. Louis HS 2019 (Iowa State)

Hannemann is an aggressive combo forward who can run. He handles and passes the ball well and has a solid floater. He makes himself harder to guard by moving well without the ball. Hannemann’s best asset is his ability to rebound by pursuing the ball on a consistent basis.


6’3 CF Jake Holtz of Damien HS 2020 (West Virginia)

Holtz is a tough-minded combo forward. He can handle and pass it and he has a nice short-range drive. He moves well without the ball and is a solid rebounder. Holtz plays with effort and gets things done consistently.


5’9 PG Malu Ing of St. Louis HS 2021 (Baylor)

Ing is a one man with good ball handling and passing skills who sees the floor well. He moves fairly well without the ball and has an effective floater shot. Ing even finds a way to come up with a few rebounds.


6’2 SF Kawika Lee of Iolani HS 2019 (Baylor)

Lee is a versatile small forward who contributes in different ways. He can handle the ball and is cut-above passer. He can finish on the fast break as well as in the half court. He moves fairly well without the ball and he can post up some. Lee is also an ok rebounder.


6’3 PF Kala Nakaya of Mid Pacific Institute 2021 (Iowa State)

Nakaya is a four man who is a solid all around scorer. He can handle the ball and has a competent short-range drive. He dribble operates on the block well with some ability to post up. Nakaya can also shoot it ok with 3-point range.


*5’10 PG Kameron Ng of St. Francis HS 2019 (Oklahoma)

Ng had an impressive all-around performance and was arguably the top player at the event. His skills set is pretty complete and he can hurt the opponent in many ways, both in transition and in the half court. Handle, pass, shoot and drive are all part of his arsenal. Ng has the

ability to create for himself and others. He has a high IQ and makes good decisions.


*5’10 CG Kordel Ng of St. Francis HS 2020 (Baylor)

Ng (younger brother of Kameron) is a solid combo guard with a nice all-around game. He’s a good ball handler and passer who is a capable playmaker in transition. He shoots it ok with 3-range and shows some ability to rebound from the guard position. Ng runs a team well and does play in attack mode.


6’2 CF Maya Royer of Rowland Hall HS 2019 (Kansas)

Royer is a combo forward who runs the floor and can score inside and outside. He can handle the ball and is an ok driver. He can post up some and he can shoot it ok with range beyond the 3-point line. Royer is also a fairly consistent rebounder.


*6’1 G/W Christmas Togiai of Kamehameha HS 2020 (West Virginia)

Togiai is a versatile guard/wing with long arms who runs well and can play all three perimeter positions. He handles it fairly well and is a good passer. He is an effective playmaker in transition. He has a clever floater shot and is a capable rebounder. Togiai has the ability to impact the game in different ways.


5’5 PG Kenji Toyama of Kaiser HS 2021 (Texas)

Toyama is a competitive one man with a nice work ethic. He handles and passes it fairly well, and pushes the brake hard, and has a nice pull up shot in transition. He shoots it ok with 3-point range, he penetrates consistently and is competent on the ball defender. Toyama brings “it” and plays with energy.


6’6 CF Kobe Young of Kamehameha HS 2018 (Oklahoma)

Young is a combo forward with nice lift. He can handle the ball with purpose. He pulls up in the half court and he dribble operates on the block. Young is also a consistent rebounder.


Other Prospects to Consider


6’4 CF Tino Atonio of Damien HS 2021 (Kansas)

Ok athlete, decent ball handler, fairly good shooter with 3-point range, ok rebounder.


6’3 G/W Ryder Hsiung of Punahou HS 2021 (Texas)

Average athlete, decent ball handler, can pass, moves ok without the ball, good shooter with 3-point range.


5’9 PG/SG Caleb Paul Martin of Calvary Chapel School 2019 (West Virginia)

Average athlete, handles and passes it well. has a solid floater, ok driver, decent rebounder.


5’7 PG Micah Masamitsu of Punahou HS 2021 (Kansas)

Average/fair athlete, handles it fairly well. good passer, pulls up nicely in the half court, is a hustler.


5’10 PG Koby Moananu of Kaimuki HS 2021 (Texas)

Good ball handler and passer, solid transition playmaker, makes good decisions, has a nice first step.


6’3 W Nainoa Peters of Kailua HS 2020 (Baylor)

Average athlete, thin, competent ball handler, finishes ok in transition, can rebound.


5’4 PG Ozzie Smith of Rowland Hall HS, 2022 (Oklahoma)

Fair athlete, capable ball handler, ok shooter with 3 range, has a nice floater, does compete.


6’0 CG RJ Spencer of Damien HS 2021 (Iowa State)

Average athlete, can handle it, sees the floor, has a floater.


5’9 CG Wes Yamada of Iolani HS 2020 (Kansas)

Average/fair athlete, can handle it, good passer, sees the floor well, fairly good shooter with 3-point range.


Top 20 – Selected by Camp Staff:


6’4   CF Tino Antonio of Damien HS 2021

5’8   PG Bumanglag of Iolani HS 2022

6’1   SG Joshua Choy of Iolani HS 2021

6’0   SG Frankie Felix of Iolani HS 2019

5’11 CG Devan Fujinaka of Iolani HS 2021

6’3   CF Lachlan Hannemann of St. Louis HS 2019

6’3   CF Jake Holtz of Damien HS 2020

6’3   G/W Ryder Hsiung of Punahou HS 2021

6’4   C Dimonyai Lacey of Damien HS 2021

6’2   SF Kawika Lee of Iolani HS 2019

6’0   SG Grant Nakanishi of Punahou HS 2020

6’4   PF Kala Nakaya of Mid Pacific Institute 2021

5’10 PG Kameron Ng of St. Francis HS 2019

5’10 PG Korsel Ng of St. Francis HS 2020

6’4   SF Ryan Owens of Kalaheo HS 2020

6’3   W Nainoa Peters of Kailua HS 2020

6’2   CF Maya Royer of Rowland Hall HS 2019

6’1   SG Zander Smith of Rowland Hall 2019

6’2   PF/C Liko Soares of Maryknoll HS 202o

6’1   G/W Christmas Togiai of Kamehameha HS 2020

5’9   PG Wes Yamada of Iolani HS 2020

6’6   CF Kobe Young of Kamehameha HS 2018

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